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Anthony Veliz (DJ CASE), a party rocker in the Boston Wedding and Nightlife Scene, is an open-format DJ with a passion for music and entertainment. He is known to incorporate live mash-ups, scratching, and remixes into his performances.

What do you Love about DJing Wedding?

Much like DJing a Night Club, I like to see people enjoying themselves to the music that I am given a chance to mix. Weddings, however, do provide a different feel when it comes to DJing because I am able to venture out of my norm (Top-40,Hip-Hop,House) to other genres, like Rock, 70’s, and 80’s.

What is your fav part of the Wedding?

My favorite part of the Wedding day is when the party gets started. Honestly, any part of the wedding where I get people on the dance floor is what I look forward to 

What would be the most memorable moment of your DJ career?

If I have to chose one moment from my DJ Career as my Most Memorable it would be being chosen as one of the mix-show / on air DJs at 103.3 AMP Radio Boston. I have DJ’d in a lot of places throughout the US, but being picked as a local DJ to be part of that team in my city is a highlight.

One thing everyone needs to know about Case?

If there is one thing you should really know about me it would be I love to party with you! Ok… two things, I LOVE tacos!

What is your fav song to pack the floor?

If I had to pick one favorite song to pack the dance floor it would be really hard… There are many to pick from. Not every single event is the same, so being able to pick one song that works for one, may not work for another. This comes with knowing / reading your audience. However, one of my favorite tracks is Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll (A-Track & Discotech Remix).


DJ Anthony CASE Veliz

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Anthony Veliz (DJ CASE), a party rocker in the Boston Wedding and Nightlife Scene, is an open-format DJ with a passion for music and entertainment. He is known to incorporate live mash-ups, scratching, and remixes into his performances. CASE, who is a radio mixer on NYC’s Party 105.3 FM (WPTY-FM), holds nightlife residencies at luxury venues and premier nightclubs, and is recognized for featuring the latest and greatest in Top-40, House, Hip-Hop, Mashups, Rock, 80’s, 90’s, and classic party anthems into his routines. He was, and still is, influenced by the works of DJ’s like AM, VICE, and A-Trak. Whether CASE is performing or at nightclubs, corporate events, Weddings, or Live Concerts, his aim is one and only… to always keep his clients entertained, and keep the crowd on the dance-floor!

CASE's Reviews

Jay P.

When we reached out to Anthony and 617 Weddings in 2018 we were initially impressed with his reassurances that whatever we wanted, he would make happen at our wedding. Being from Greek and Italian backgrounds we have made so many requests throughout our three and a half year wait and DJ Case accommodated us without hesitation. Be it playing traditional Greek tracks to allowing my Italian uncle to sing traditional Sicilian songs at the wedding. Case took it all in stride and absolutely delivered in the best way possible. With an extremely long engagement because of covid, Case was always in contact making sure we were always on the same page. Even texts days before the wedding about changes in plans were met with calmness and reassurance that he would do whatever it took to make it perfect. I would recommend DJ Case to anyone who asked me for a wedding DJ

Garrett R.

We had heard about 617 Weddings from other friends who have already used them. We first met with the owner, Jimmie, who lined us up with DJ Anthony Case, someone he felt matched our vibe. One of the most important things for my wife and I was to ensure everyone had a bunch of fun and an amazing time at our wedding. We knew we wanted to keep everyone out on the dance floor all night long. DJ Case made all of this a reality. From the wedding ceremony music, to the cocktail hour music, to the reception music, DJ Case did not disappoint. He was able to feel the energy and the vibe the entire night and kept playing great song after great song to keep everyone engaged. He even knew the perfect time to slow things down to allow for people to slow dance. He kept everyone out on that dance floor all night long. We could not have been happier. Leading up to the wedding, DJ Case took the time to meet with me and my wife to get to know us and to figure out the vibe we wanted for our wedding. He took detailed notes on songs we wanted played, songs we wanted dedicated, where we wanted our first dance song to stop playing, whether we wanted requests (we did not), and of course, songs we did not want played at all - even if they were requested by family and friends. He followed through on all of our requests because even during the reception, when people requested certain songs, he asked them to get permission from us, which we really appreciated. It is also worth mentioning that DJ Case is an incredible emcee. He knew how to get everyone hyped up during our introductions and how to keep everyone informed of things happening throughout the night (e.g. dinner, dessert, etc.). He does not steal the spotlight from the bride and groom and really ensures that the music he is playing is what is being showcased. On top of being a great DJ and incredibly easy and fun to work with, DJ Case goes above and beyond to ensure everything will be perfect for your wedding night. He showed up to our venue, Tewksbury Country Club, a week before our wedding to scope out the rooms we had. He wanted to get an idea of how he wanted to set up his sound and lighting. He also showed up many hours early on the day of the wedding to run sound tests and make sure the lighting was perfect. This really put our minds at ease. He even ran through the pronunciation of names in the bridal party with us to ensure everyone had their names announced properly. I needed to add this little bit of information during our interactions with DJ Case. We had a New Years Eve wedding that would be running beyond midnight. As such, we were going to be doing a midnight ball drop announcement and celebration. We knew which song we wanted to play right after the ball drop. DJ Case suggested playing the traditional Auld Lang Syne during the ball drop and blending it into the song we wanted played. Within minutes he put together a sample of this blend and it was perfect. We would not have thought to use Auld Lang Syne at midnight, and we are so glad DJ Case suggested it. We cannot recommend DJ Anthony Case enough. Looking back, this was one of the easiest (and best) decisions we made for our special day.

Allison R.

When we first started talking to 617 Weddings, Jimmie (the owner) mentioned that he had a DJ available for our wedding date who went by the name DJ Anthony Case. I immediately recognized his name from the Saturday Night Dance Party on 103.3 Amp Radio, so I was very excited to talk to him. In the end it was such an easy decision to hire DJ Case because he was great to talk to and I already had a sense of his DJ talent. Well, everything I knew about how well he DJ'd was blown out of the water the night of our wedding because WOW we had so much fun! DJ Case kept the party going all night long, and that isn't an exaggeration. Hardly anyone was sitting, and there was never a point where a song came on and people thought "eh, this one isn't that fun I'll sit this out". Another thing I loved about DJ Case is that he never used the mic to tell people to party, or come out to the dance floor (one of my pet peeves for weddings), because he didn't have to, the music was just that good. It was impossible to not dance! I highly recommend you hire 617 and Anthony Case for your wedding, but only if you are prepared to be dancing all night long, because that is what will happen!

Ashley and Derek

Thank you for being a part of our SPECIAL Day! It was truly the best day of our lives and we loved every minute of it! You didn’t just play music, you made our reception!

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