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DJ Danny T

“There are no number of words that can sum up or define who Danny T is. Both in my personal and professional life, I am driven, fun, energetic, and a disciplined individual who spearheads every challenge set forth before me. Furthermore, I am an extremely talented, multi-facetted individual who continuously learns and adapts to perfect his craft(s). I am always someone who you can expect to be real with you. While my personality and energy is radiating, you’ll find I promote nothing but positivity and my attention to detail is amazing. ”

Why did you choose to DJ Weddings?

I always wanted to be a DJ. Growing up in a home where music was a great influence, my father was a renown DJ, named “Master of Ceremonies” throughout the 90s and early 2000s and was inspired very early on in life. I continued on, learning from many great DJs, and working tirelessly throughout the years to be where I am at today. “Throughout all the events I have done, Weddings inevitably became my happy place. There is no greater reward than perfecting someone’s dream, and making it a reality on their big day”.

What would be the most memorable moment of your DJ career?

The most memorable moment of my DJ Career is DJing on Boylston Street in Boston for tens of thousands of fans who came for the 2019 New England Patriots Superbowl Championship Parade.

What is your fav song to pack the floor?

This is a tough one. While one can argue all events are similar, they are very much different and each “party starter” song selection is different, depending on mood, crowd, and type of event. The all-time favorite is “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan, it’s a classic!

What do you like about 617?

617 Weddings has and continues to be a great brand to stand with. We are our own artists, who can express our art, style, knowledge, and expertise through working with 617 in a fun yet professional manner. Although my personal style is unique, the standards and professionalism as well as principles and ideology behind 617 is a match and I am proud to be associated with them. How we care for our couples and work with them is a special experience. Our reviews speak for themselves, and our clients are amazing!